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 I've had the opportunity to use Muzodo for about one year now. I can say without a doubt that this software has completely changed the way we schedule events. We used to schedule our 100+ yearly events by hand - ON PAPER! With 40+ members and several small ensembles this took up a lot of precious rehearsal time. Muzodo takes all this pain away and makes scheduling a breeze. It has all the features you would want, and no extra fluff. Everything is intuitive and easy to use, and the customer services responds quickly and efficiently to every request. Thanks Muzodo! You've got a customer for life. 


Ottawa, Canada

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A music group member scheduler

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A tool designed specifically for band leaders, orchestra managers and choir directors, Muzodo is an online system that keeps track of who can play at upcoming gigs (who's coming, is the band balanced, do we need subs, etc) as well as keeping the band members in the know on gig details, easily adding them to their calendars, sending reminders and more. Keeping track of your membership availability has never been easier.

Music groups in the UK and EU. See our statement on GDPR compliance.

 Our Pipe Band has used this app and it has changed the way we plan and send out notifications. Members have a source to get answers and as such we don't field as many calls any more. Einstein said, 'Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it.' This is Muzodo. 

 Muzodo is an excellent tool, and it is a great way to organize the many people in our band! It helps us to distribute up-to-date information to all of our band members, and we can easily add substitute musicians when necessary. It's especially helpful when we have multiple people working behind the scenes on a gig because we can see all of our upcoming events, with all of the details, in one place! 

Casey Thomas-Burns, Conductor

Deep Cove Big Band, Canada

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What is Muzodo?
Muzodo is an online music group member scheduling system. It saves you time by keeping track of who is available to play at all of your events.

How does it work?
This is best explained in these four steps:
  1. You (or any group administrator) enters the event details.
  2. Muzodo sends an email to each member of the group containing the details and asking if he/she can attend.
  3. The group members respond with 'Yes', 'No' or 'Maybe'. One click is all that's needed!
  4. You (or any group administrator) view the responses or download a consolidated report of all the responses.
What does it cost?
Muzodo is available in 2 versions:
  1. Muzodo Basic - which is free (with limited functionality)
  2. Muzodo Premium - subscription based
See Features for more details.

How do I download it?
You don't. Muzodo is a web application, simply point your browser to and use it. We take care of all the IT issues - backups, maintenance and upgrades. You get the benefits without the computer headache - all while we improve and make Muzodo even more useful!

How does Muzodo know our members' email addresses?
Once you've registered, with you being the group administrator, you create your group (Muzodo will prompt you the first time you log in). Click the members tab which is where you add your members.

What is GDPR and is Muzodo compliant?
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European regulation and affects all organisations, including music groups, in the EU.It came into effect in May 2018. Muzodo data is securely handled and stored in Europe on our servers in Germany. Muzodo complies to the requirements for explicit consent from group members for the use of their private data.See here for more details.

How do we enter members' details?
There are two ways: one by one or bulk load via a spreadsheet. Open the Members tab and use the 'Add Member' button to add members individually. To use the spreadsheet, click the 'Import from Excel' link, download the template, fill it in and copy and paste the data back into Muzodo. The upload screen provides details on how to do this.

Can my group members log in?
Yes, they can log in if they wish. However, logging in is not required for your members to respond. They have read-only access and can review the details of events in your group.

Can members update their own details?
They can. Once you, as the administrator, have added them, they can update their details. They can go on to create other groups, if they administrate those groups. If they belong to more than one group and any of the other groups add him/her, they'll see the details for all their groups in their account (it links them by email address).

Can members of a list manage their own 'group subscriptions'?
They can only be added or removed by the group administrator. Alternatively, they can start and administer their own groups.

Is there a size limit on group membership?
No. However, the spreadsheet upload limits the upload to 100 members at a time - the upload adds to (and does not replace) data in the database. The limit is mostly to thwart spammers, should they try to use Muzodo to spam people. Fortunately no one has tried!

Will you spam my music group?
No. We hate spam as much as the next guy. We may, however, send out infrequent notifications of new functionality or news.See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Can I control who can create events?
Yes. Only group administrators can create events, or elect/demote other administrators. The rest of the group has read-only access (apart from updating their own responses).

Can I use Muzodo for all the groups I play/sing in?
Yes. Simply create new groups from the Groups tab.

I'm scared of computers. Will I manage?
We can confidently say 'Yes'. We've taken great care to ensure Muzodo is user friendly and easy to use. All you need to do is click on 'Add Event', enter the details and click 'Submit'. Muzodo takes care of emailing everyone and collating the responses.

We have lots of gigs coming up, will Muzodo send a separate email for each gig?
No - not unless you want to. Select the 'Don't send email now, I'm adding more events' option when creating an event. Ensure to send an email when entering your last gig so your group is notified. When your members click on the response to the email, they'll be prompted for responses for the other gigs - all on one page.

What is the group email feature?
This is used to broadcast an email to the whole group, for things like general announcements, news, etc. Every group in Muzodo gets their own email address, e.g. <yourgroup> someone sends an email to this address, Muzodo forwards it to the whole group. There's no need to log in to Muzodo to use this. It all works over regular email.

Can I use this to email a section only?
Yes. You can do this by adding the section (and a dot) onto the front of the email address, e.g. trumpets.<yourgroup>

Can I control who can send email to the group?
Yes. You can have it open to anyone or restrict it to email only sent from To prevent outsiders from spamming the group, we recommend restricting it to one of the above options. You have the option of Muzodo forwarding unauthorized emails to a member in the group for moderation. If the email is ok, that group member can resend it.

Is there a way to integrate/embed Muzodo into our own band's website?
Yes. There are a few bands doing this to automatically list upcoming events. There is a Wordpress plugin too.

How do I get started?
Register at and create your group. Enter the email addresses of 3 or 4 people in the group (most likely people on the executive) and try it out. Create an Event (real or bogus). Respond to the email. Send a reminder. Download the report. When happy add the rest of the group.

There's a feature missing that I really need. Can I send in suggestions?
Yes, please do! We welcome feedback and suggestions. Please email us at If it's a good idea and simple to implement, we'll do it pretty quickly. If it's more complex, it'll go onto our feature request list.