Muzodo for Pipe Bands

Muzodo is online band management software that makes it easy to schedule your music group members. It saves you time by keeping track of who is available to perform at all of your gigs.

User Story

Rachel is the lead tip of her Pipe Band. She was using a sports team scheduling app but switched to Muzodo as Muzodo's focus on music groups was a better fit for the pipe band. She could put members into sections such as Drums, Pipes, etc. and can see at a glance if they have enough and the right instruments for a gig. Entering an event is easy. She fills out the details and Muzodo emails everyone in the band asking if they can attend.

* Based on true accounts and feedback with fictionalized names.

Pipe Band Calendar Software

Muzodo is ideal for Pipe bands both in collecting availability from their many members and efficiently distributing gig info to the band. The Pipe band is a default group type supported by Muzodo and sports the following sections:

  • Pipe Major
  • Pipe Sergeant
  • Pipers
  • Drum Major
  • Leading Tip
  • Bass Drum
  • Snare Drums
  • Tenor Drums

Note that sections can be customised. Sections can also optionally be subdivided into Parts.