Why is there a 'Maybe' option?

Allowing for life's uncertainties.

We occasionally get asked, "Why do you have a 'Maybe' option?". While it is true, a 'Maybe' response is difficult for admins to plan with, it is a necessary option for group members. Whether their plans haven't firmed up yet, their job shift hasn't been set, or the event is too far in the future to say, they may just not know.

When a member replies 'Maybe' to an event, Muzodo asks them to add a note saying how likely they are to attend. The note can include reasons why they can't say for sure and potentially when they'll have a definite answer. Not having a 'Maybe' option would leave only 'Yes' and 'No' options, and given that they don't know would likely result in those members not replying at all. This would leave the admin with no information, including wondering if they even received the email notification.

Removing the 'Maybe' option.

With the above in mind, administrators can remove the 'maybe' option as the event approaches. By this time members should be in a position to give a definite response and administrators need a 'yes' or 'no' to plan the event.

You can set this per event as well as specify a default value in your group options.

Muzodo has a few options to help.

  • Likelihood slider
    When replying 'Maybe', group members can quickly give an indication of how likely they are to attend by dragging the slider closer to 100% or to 0%. It's just an estimate but a '25% likely' or '80% likely' would be very useful to administrators.
  • Auto-reminders
    Ensure auto-reminders are set up - these can be set in your group options (in the Groups tab) and you can specify reminders for 'No replies' and 'Maybes' separately. See: Auto-reminders.
  • Know-By Date
    Additionally when replying 'Maybe', group members can select a date by when they'll have a definite answer. Muzodo won't bug them with reminders before this date and this info is useful to administrators.
  • Definite Date
    As described above, admins can supply a date by which they need an answer, say 1 week before the event. After this date the 'Maybe' option will not be available.
  • Schedule Event Notifications
    If an event is far in the future and there's no immediate need for admins to have definite numbers, schedule the event notification to be sent at a later date. This makes planning the event easier as the admin can set and forget as well as making the request more reasonable to the members. See: Creating an event.