Let Muzodo chase your 'slow responders'.

Managing a music group is hard. It's often made harder by members in your group who don't get back to you with their availability.

Muzodo handles this for you by automatically sending friendly reminders to your members that have not responded. You can set up the defaults for Auto-reminders for your group and then tweak/update them if you want to for each event.

Setting the group default

You can set up to 3 auto-reminders, based on either the number of days after you create the event or the number of days before the event.

When you create a group, Muzodo sets the following default: Auto-reminders: 2 days, 4 days, 7 days before.

This means up to three reminders will be sent, 2 and 4 days after you send the notification and 7 days before the event. Clicking on the Change.. link allows you to change these:
Group Auto-Reminders

Setting the event

You can change these defaults for each event that you create or update.

See: Creating an event.
Updating an event.