Add questions to your events.

This is an ENCORE feature. View version differences.

Very often, you need to include questions in your event to collect extra info from your members. Muzodo enables you to add any number of questions to your events and provides options for your members to respond with. Questions could be things like:

  • Who needs a parking pass?
  • Who wants a food/drink coupon?
  • Bring and share items, such as who can bring curry, salad, desert?
  • How many spots in your car for car pooling?
  • Etc.
These questions are included in the email that gets sent to the group and are also available when viewing the event while logged into Muzodo.

To add a question:

  • You must be an administrator of your group.
  • Click on the Events Tab and create or update an event.
  • Scroll down to the Survey line and click on Add Questions to open the questions popup.

Adding a Question

The following screen opens:

Note that if you have already defined some questions for the event they'll be available for editing here.

The following types of answers are available:

  • Text (single line or paragraph)
  • Number (whole numbers or numbers with fractions)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Checkbox - for those Yes/No options
  • Dropdown list (single or multiple choice)


Your group is traveling for your next performance and you want to organise a call pool.

The questions you want to include are:

  • Who can drive?
  • How many people can they take?
  • How many need a lift?

You can phrase the questions as: How will you be getting to the performance?
  • I'm driving myself only.
  • I'm driving and have space for others.
  • I need a lift.

The best field type for this is a dropdown list (single choice), so when your members answer they can choose which one they'll be bringing.

  • If driving and you have space, how many people can you take?
The best field type for this is a Numeric textbox. Your survey should now look like the following.

The keyword is a short description of the question which makes it easier to review your survey later. Muzodo will attempt to populate it for you but you can change it as needed.

Member visibility

You can decide whether you want your members to see the other responses or not. Note that above we've allowed members in the group to be able to see the other responses.

Responding to your survey

If your members respond to the event email notification, they'll be shown with the questions to answer.

Alternatively, they can answer the questions using the app.

Reviewing the responses

Responses appear near the top of the Event details immediately as members respond. You can choose whether to display answers for each member or for each question, which ever makes it easier for you to review the responses.

Note the use of the keyword in the 'by member' responses.

Export to Excel

Surveys also appear in a tab in the Event Excel download.