What is Muzodo?

Muzodo is an online music group member scheduling system. It saves you time by keeping track of who is available to perform at all of your events.

  • Let everyone know there's a gig (event) coming up.
  • Your members can review event details at any time - including date, time, address and map.
  • One click responses. Each email contains the event details. Your members can response with Yes, No or Maybe and leave a comment.
  • Keep track of who can make it - from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Send reminders - manually or automatically.
  • Send out general announcements with group email - your group gets its own email address.
  • Get a daily summary of responses, sent to your inbox
  • No more wading through 100's of emails. View responses online or download them to Excel.
  • Add event details to your personal calendar, either one by one or automatically.

How it works

Your conductor needs to know who can make an upcoming performance.
  1. You (or any group administrator) enters the event details.
  2. Muzodo sends an email to each member of the group containing the details and asking if he/she can attend.
  3. The group members respond with 'Yes', 'No' or 'Maybe'. One click is all that's needed!
  4. You (or any group administrator) view the responses or download a consolidated report of all the responses.

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